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The Team: Michelle R. Dow

Sr. Geoscience Technician

Michelle has over 30 years of oil and gas industry experience. Throughout her career she has implemented the application and promoted the use of advanced Geoscience software and the management of large digital data bases to aid in the interpretive work required for successful oil and gas exploration and development projects. She is a database administrator for PETRA projects and is skilled in all aspects of creating mapping products for both Geology and Engineering. Prior to joining SFC Energy Partners, Michelle was the Senior Geoscience Technician and Technical Services Advisor for Cornerstone Natural Resources, an independent oil and gas company. Michelle started her career with Gulf Oil and was involved with supporting geological mapping. She subsequently was a Seismic Administrator for Union Pacific Resources and was responsible for quality control and managing all in-house seismic data. She next worked for Snyder Oil Corporation as a Senior Geo-technician and System Administrator for the Rocky Mountain Asset Team. In this role Michelle developed mapping standards for several integrated mapping packages and instructed users in all aspects of the Geoscience and Land Management software. She was also directly responsible for seismic and well log data and supervised data preparation, loading, and digital survey integration. Michelle worked for various exploration and production companies including Whiting Petroleum and Fidelity Exploration & Production as a Senior Geoscience Technician and Database Administrator. Her experience includes oil and gas basins in Texas, Mid Continent, Rocky Mountains and Canada.